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BIOS Skyview™ Table Lamp

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BIOS SkyView is the first table lamp of its kind.
As of 2023, it now has
Version 2 & Version 2 Pro
Available with Kirala soon!

Using SkyBlue® circadian lighting technology cycles the lamp through 4 different modes to reset your circadian rhythms over time: Sunrise, Daytime, Sunset, and Nighttime. This supports your sleep-wake cycle while spending time with this light nearby. You can sleep better with the right light, and let the app turn it off at night.

When placed on your desk or nightstand within 3 feet of your eye, Skyview's carefully crafted mix of light delivers approximately 200 Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML) of light - including 490nm wavelengths, a critical support for circadian entrainment to improve your health. 

Claim your right to healthy light,
and sleep better at night

  • Dimensions: 20.66 inch height x 10 inch diameter
  • Light source: LED
  • Max wattage: 20W output
  • Lumens: 1200, omnidirectional
  • Dimmable? Yes, to 1% of output
  • Power source: Plug-in
  • Controls: Knob on lamp base, BIOS Lighting App on Apple App Store & Google Play
  • Materials: hand-blown glass, billet aluminum
  • Suitable for: 12 foot x 12 foot rooms
  • Made and shipped from California, USA