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Site Visit: Circadian Wellness Solutions

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Purchase this product to place a deposit for a Circadian Wellness Audit with Haven Skyy, LC, CWA

Deposit includes:

- Scheduling & logistics to see the space
- Visit to site in-person for minimum 1 hour
.. Within continental United States by default; see Options for elsewhere
- Brief together about the space, its use, and existing lighting
- Conduct real-time analysis with light meter, 3D room mapping, and equipment
- Discuss analysis results, identify opportunities, decide on next approach
- Discounts on future purchases of base scores >70/100

What are the typical approaches to improving health outcomes and quality of life?

Quality of light translates to quality of life. The below are some basic examples of how one might go about re-aligning a lighting layout to serve our needs for light.


Spot improvement. Low budget, no time, space must remain open. Add Skyview Table Lamps to all workspaces and desks.


Supplement existing lighting. Medium budget, moderate time needed, space sectioned off, effect will be uneven due to physical constraints. New lighting layout, add extra fixtures.


Change light emitters. Medium materials cost, high labor cost, time intensive, some existing fixtures non-viable. Re-lamp all socketed fixtures and replace all LED boards with circadian-optimized sources as if performing maintenance.


Full replacement. New Lighting Fixture Schedule & Layout, replace existing fixtures with circadian-optimized lights and controls.

Read about Circadian Rhythms

Circadian rhythms affect nearly every aspect of our lives, from sleep and weight to ATP production and hormone regulation. The vast majority of LED lighting sold in the market up to 2017 lack the 490nm blue light we need to support these systems, using instead 420-450nm blue light; even a 5nm difference is enough to miss the trigger window.

Lighting layouts that address this with appropriate light sources delivering ~275 EML vertically at eye level for people in the space are critical to getting our bodies back on track. We can help you get there.

Book a time for a free 1hr AIA-accredited presentation about circadian rhythms 

After placing your deposit, we'll follow up with you regarding scheduling and logistics.

Before placing a deposit, feel free to send an email to coordinate and introduce yourself, we'd appreciate hearing from you. Great things to include in your introductory email:

- Name, role on project, project team contact info

- What you've done already, what you plan to do, goals

- Existing lighting fixture schedule, Reflected Ceiling Plan(s), architectural drawings, CAD files

We look forward to working with you.

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