[Explore] Discoveries in Light

[Explore] Discoveries in Light

We've found some wild, weird, interesting, and amazing things about light along our way

And we'd love to share them with you

Our monthly newsletter will cover even more topics, and many of them will eventually land here. Have you found something cool, too? Share it in the comments below and we'll take a look together!

The surprising pattern behind color names around the world

Vox dives into the ways our language and cultural traditions shape the way we refer to and agree on the world around us. Give it a watch, and find out why we might once have greeted each other with "Wow, the sky is such a beautiful black today!"

We Lied To You

Kurzgesagt is a channel based almost entirely around science communication. An important difference between science communication and science education is that one tries to meet folks where they're at in order to broaden understanding of the world, while the other tries to help students grow into a deeper understanding of the world. In the video, they explain one of the most important tools: models, and the oversimplifications that make them effective. It's honest, straightforward, and helped us at Kirala settle into a sense of being open to not-knowing while learning new things. At times, we'll have to oversimplify while communicating, too, and we'd prefer you to know that that's what's happening, rather than wondering why.

What is Light?

Ask interesting questions, get interesting answers. Light is not an ephemeral emission of the universe - it has force and dimension.

Google DeepDream

An amazing AI tool that transforms images by applying the art styles of another. We use this to create many of the images on this site, including the one at the top of this page.


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