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fairy lights in hands

Meet our Principal Designer: Haven Skyy, LC

Haven is one of the founders of Kirala Design, a lighting consultancy firm focused on original product design for luminaires and spec projects. He works on luminaire design, materials research, functional testing, professional tool development, way too much paperwork, and educational content.

Haven tends to look at things from odd angles, imagining objects from the inside out to find the origin of an idea within its structure as it develops. He loves to design in ways that are playful, experimental, and grow as they come to life. Asymmetrical geometry, nerdy math jokes, curious animal behavior, and ideas that subvert norms are some of his favorite things.

He earned his LC credentials in 2019 and become one of the first two BIOS Certified Circadian Wellness Auditors in the United States in 2021. His first steps in lighting started in a Chicago showroom, and later in California manufacturers' rep agencies. Haven finds hope in humor, and finds that sharing as many good days as possible with loving people helps keep his heart full.

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Meet our Co-Founder: Ara Skyy

Ara is a jack-of-all-trades, covering photography/editing, web design, shipping and receiving, art restoration, COO duties, and luminaire design.

Ara is what you get when pure curiosity is mixed with a drop of opportunity. After learning sound engineering and animation in secondary school, she interned in the Art Packing Department of the Art Institute of Chicago. A little later, came a dedication to sustainability and an honors degree in Fine Art. This spurred a dream to create systems that feature humans working in concert with native fauna and flora.

In her free time, she enjoys playing city/structure building games and gardening with an eye to planning no-dig permaculture food forests. For science.😊

All of Ara's creations are based in organic compositions from life, optimistic nihilism, and the desire to leave the world a better place than she found it.

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