If you’re wondering...

Who are you?

A group of curious people who view the face of the world by its turning points. We design original lights and creating useful tools for industry professionals.

What do you specialize in?

We build things, create fixture schedules, lighting layouts, and teach what we've learned.

Product & Tool Design

When building tools or designing products we have a major focus on the use of materials that are ethically & sustainably sourced, and focus on creating quality products. This means that we use newer, more efficient technologies whenever possible while encouraging ease of use - you'll never see us design with toxic materials that can't be recycled, wasteful legacy light sources, or leave people without an option for responsive control. We believe that tools and computers are meant to help us do more with less while remaining easy to use, and reflect that in our work. As such, our tools are designed to operate with minimal, non-technical user input while delivering as much usefully formatted output as possible.

Specification Work & Project Consultation

When doing specification or project design work, we take the "specific" part seriously: we'll always get as close as possible to full & complete model#s according to the manufacturer's data sheets, and if we're writing a wishlist item it'll be clearly labeled as such rather than opening the door for confusion, needless RFI's, and lost project time. Whether we write and take credit for the deliverables, or operate as ghost writers for the Designers of Record to accept accolades, we stand behind our quality of work.


While acting as educators, we try to present information more as science communicators and artists than science educators and technicians. What this means is that we do our best to meet people where they're at, get started on the basics of learnable skills, provide direction for advancement, and impart a foundation of knowledge for future growth. In 2021, we taught Navigating Lighting Design Decisions for interior designers, engineers, architects, and design-build contractors twice, and there will be many more classes to come in the future. We're also writing Design Guides for various applications.

What do you need to start on a project?

A design intent, first and foremost. How do you want this idea to impact the intended space?

Scope of work is next. What are you asking us to do?

Context and progression will help round things out. Where are you at now, and how far have you been able to come on your own?

Kindly consider sharing any concept development materials, drawings, narratives, or other context. Your target market, budget, expected return, and observed obstacles are also helpful.

From there, we’ll collaborate to find out: What’s been missing from your practice? How can the design evolve further?

What are the rates of your services?

We price the project based on the work’s value, rather than our costs or time spent. Our business model is based on royalties for designs, patent licensing for concepts, subscriptions for services, affiliate sales, and commissions for products.

We can help. Contact us with a project and a brief – we’ll reach out to you about a proposal in return.

Retail products: Do you have Trade or Wholesale accounts?

Yes. Create an account using your company email, we'll verify it, and give you a 2-letter code that will set product values appropriately. Wholesale and distribution buyers (DN) get -15%, trade and contract buyers (TN) get -10%. Stacks with free shipping promotions. Volume discounts are available on request based on quantity. If we're running a promotion on MSRP prices, DN and TN buyers will enjoy their usual rates with a bonus 5% off. Applies only to products. Services and contract work must be negotiated over email or phone.